Mar 10, 2011

Gowlland Tod take 2

January 23, 2011

Location: Gowlland Tod Provincial Park, Victoria, BC
Trail: Lower Jocelyn Loop
Distance: est. 5 km
Weather: Foggy, Chilly, Damp, Serene (very technical weather description)

quick disclaimer: I know that I am weeks (maybe month(s)) behind on posting our hikes, but I am determined to catch up.  On this particular Sunday in January, myself and three of my closest friends entered the dewy forest of Gowlland Tod Provincial Park.  It was magical!  (and a bit cold) but mostly magical!  Like a scene from Sleepy Hollow, the ghostly moss hung off of the trees and the colours were a mixture of rich browns and greens.
I would highly recommend this park to anyone who likes to venture outdoors.  There are many trails that cater to all abilities.  You can choose from a walk along the ocean to a walk in the woods.  Best of all the park is only 30 min. outside of the city.

(click for more info on one of my favourite trees!)

Scott, camouflaged among the moss.

The four of us, shrouded in all of the misty glory.

I stumbled upon a great blog while I was looking for more information on moss: Vancouver Island Big Trees.  As an avid tree-hugger, I love seeing others committed to the safe-keeping of Big Trees!


  1. I have not hiked in Gowlland Todd Park, but have driven in the area a couple of times. I will have to put this on the hiking list. It sounds like there are many diverse trails. Thank you for reminding me of yet another beautiful park in the Victoria area.

  2. You are so welcome! Cheers to Vancouver Island.