Mar 1, 2011

The Beginning of a Life Long Romance

This Just In!  I am officially certified!  Certified in what?  Yoga!  Our love affair just got elevated to the next level.  I thought I would take this week's blog to pay homage to the beautiful community of Yogis and Yoginis that I feel blessed to be a part of here in Victoria.
My love affair with Yoga began with a fling.  It was hot and sweaty and left me feeling elated- not to mention  it helped with my flexibility.  In 2007 I began practicing Bikram Yoga.  At the time, Bikram was just what I needed, quiet, hot, strong, hard- a "take no prisoners" kind of work-out, both for the body and the mind.  Bikram stoked the fire and I wanted to learn more.
In 2009 I began practicing Restorative Yoga at Hemma Yoga in beautiful Moss St. village.  It was the yin to all the yang energy that Bikram produced and it ultimately led me to Moksana Yoga where I completed my Teacher Training in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga.
So now, I find myself at the beginning, once again, as I start a new chapter: the adventures of a 20-something Yoga Teacher.  Beginnings are scary of course, but, as in Yoga, the answer may be "just breathe."

Teaching Ventures:
Starting this Thursday, March 3, I will be teaching my first continuous Yoga class at the University of Victoria.  Classes will be every Thursday with the exception of Mar. 17 and are FREE to all students at UVIC!  Classes are accessible to all abilities and bodies.
Where: Vertigo Lounge, The SUB, UVIC
When: 6pm-7pm
Cost: Free!

I will also be teaching community classes at Moksana Yoga.
When: April 13, 12pm-1pm, and April 24, 4:30pm-5:45pm
Cost: $7

Love Much!


  1. Yay you lovely lady!!!! I'm so proud of you! I wish I didn't work Thursdays - maybe we can see each other before and/or after though... I def wanna come to the other classes!

  2. Thanks babe! I would love to see you before and/or after on Thursday- and any of the other classes!

  3. To add: I will also be teaching class this Sunday at Moksana. Sunday, Mar. 6 4:30-5:45