Feb 16, 2011

Love is all You Need (well almost)

This Valentine's Day I sent messages out to many of my friends throughout the day, doing my part to spread the Love.  The responses were varied.  I got a few that read "You too," some "Thanks!," and a couple of "Love yous."  But among my favourites were "Gross" and "Happy artificial, consumerist, heterosexist day to U too!"  This got me thinking: Have I been duped?  Have I bought into the idea that to show your love you must buy chocolate, candy and gifts to express it just because today has been proclaimed Valentine's day?!

Then, with a deep breath I let it go.  Today will not be the consumerist Hallmark version of Lovers' Day, I proclaimed (to myself).  Instead, today, like everyother day, is an opportunity to show the people I love that they are loved. 
I sent e-cards, made phone calls, spent time with my man (swimming and cooking) and at the end of the day was filled with Gratitude. I am a lucky lady leading a life full of love! 

Scott sent me an e-card.  If this doesn't say Love I don't know what does:

At the risk of becoming overly sappy, I hope on Valentine's Day, and everyday, you get to feel the love!

Love Much!


  1. Well done Whit. Much love and appreciate the inconspicuous shout-out.